Wokingham United    
Supporting people in need in Wokingham since 1451


Dennis Eyriey, Chair of Wokingham United Charities was given a civic award by Wokingham Town Council on Friday 25th January in a ceremony at Wokingham Town Hall. Dennis (second  from right in the picture) was given his award for his work with a number of charities – as well as working with Wokingham United Charities he founded the Citizens Advice Bureau in Wokingham and has been a member of Easthampstead Rotary Club for many years.

The citation was read by Anne King, trustee of Wokingham United Charities explained how Dennis had overseen a massive change in the charity’s status.   It had long helped elderly people in need by the provision of accommodation at the almshouses at Westende, but now it is also a significant local benefactor . 

“Dennis led the sale of a plot of land owned by the charity  to a house builder, thereby generating an investment portfolio which is providing about a quarter if a million pounds in grants for the benefit of the people of Wokingham.  Just as John Westende’ s gift of the almshouses in 1451 is still benefiting the people of Wokingham, so this benefit will last for ever thanks to Dennis having worked so hard to achieve it.”

For more information about the grants from Wokingham United Charities, visit the grants page on this website.