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Supporting children from low-income households to get involved in extracurricular activities.

We believe every child deserves the chance to shine, regardless of their background. Our mission is simple: to empower children from low-income households to unlock their full potential through enriching extracurricular experiences.

The Bright Futures Fund provides financial support for a wide range of extracurricular activities, including school trips, club memberships, sports equipment, instrument rental purchase and participation fees. From sports to arts, music to science clubs, we’ve got you covered.

Applications are welcomed from schools, alternative educational providers, youth groups, sports clubs and relevant local charities. To ensure a streamlined process, applications are exclusively accepted from referring agencies. If a parent/guardian is eager to apply, we encourage collaboration between them and the respective school or activity group to facilitate the application process effectively.

Referring agencies will need to undertake financial due diligence to ensure beneficiaries of the award meet the grant programme’s criteria of low income and will also commit to completing the necessary monitoring report upon conclusion of the grant project, ensuring accountability and transparency.

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